About the Presenters

Thoughts on the young adult, the couple
and society
in the world we live in.

PHIL STOKOE  is a psychoanalyst, Fellow of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, Training Analyst with the British Psychotherapy Foundation and in private practice working with adults and couples, and an organisational consultant, providing consultation to a wide
range of organisations.

Phil worked as a consultant social worker and senior lecturer in the Adult Department of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust from 1994 to 2012 finishing as clinical director. He writes and teaches on a wide range of topics including psychoanalytic understanding of society and politics.  Phil is also a regular contributor on David Morgan’s Political Mind radio/podcast.

• Climate Change, Nationalism, Academic Pressure and Social Media; What’s the impact on Adolescent Development?
In the UK, Europe and the USA there has been an increase in reported MH problems in adolescence.
I shall describe the process of adolescent development to show the necessary environmental factors for successful achievement of adult state of mind. Then I shall demonstrate how modern, first world society creates an environment that actually harms adolescent development by creating an atmosphere that diminishes both love and curiosity.

• Love Through the Eyes of Shakespeare
In this presentation, I want to pick up the importance of love as an organising drive in the mind. I shall do this by a quick review of some of Shakespeare’s best known plays to think what it reveals about the importance of love or its absence in times of crisis. I hope to show that the bard and I agree that love is crucial to human growth and the development of a civilised society.

MARY MORGAN is a psychoanalyst, consultant couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist and Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society. Until very recently she was Reader in Couple Psychoanalysis and Head of the MA in Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at Tavistock Relationships.

She has written many key articles in the field of couple psychoanalysis and teaches internationally. Mary is also the European member of the IPA Committee in Couple and Family Psychoanalysis (COFAP). Her book A Couple State of Mind: Psychoanalysis of Couples – the Tavistock Relationships Model was published recently by Routledge.

• Love, Hate and Otherness in Intimate Relating
I suggest that love, hate and curiosity about these emotions are part of a loving relationship and give life to the relationship. Hate arises from many sources: being with another who challenges our perceptions, facing the limitations of knowing and being known and understood by another and the painful disillusionment that can sometimes follow the ‘in love’ state. Not being able to bear the hate that is part of love can lead to hate going underground and having an insidious effect on the relationship, including a loss of intimacy.


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