Phil Stokoe: Publications, Videos and Podcasts

Book Review of The Unconscious At Work. (Routledge) Ed. Anton Obholtzer and Vega Zagier Roberts, in British Psychoanalytical Society Bulletin 1995

Book Review of Who Cares? True Stories of the NHS Reforms. By Dr. Peter Bruggen. London, Jon Carpenter Publishing; 1997; Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy

Review of Conference: The Jung-Freud Study Day; Can we have Creative Intercourse? Jungian and Freudian Perspectives on the Oedipus Myth and Beyond – A Clinical Discussion for the Bulletins of the British Psychoanalytical Society and the Society of Analytical Psychology.

Book Review of The Clinical Thinking of Wilfred Bion. By Joan and Neville Symington. London and New York; Routledge; 1996; pp 198. for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy.

Stokoe, P (2000): Holding the Boundaries, Chapter 4 in S. Brookes & P. Hodson (Eds), The Invisible Matrix, Rebus Press.

Stokoe, P (2003): Group Thinking, Chapter 6 in K. Kasinski, J. Pooley, A. Ward, & A. Worthington (Eds), Therapeutic Communities for Children & Young People,.

Stokoe, P (2010): The Theory and Practice of the Group Relations Conference, Chapter 9 in The Groups Book, Psychoanalytic Group Therapy: Principles and Practice, C. Garland (Ed), Karnac Books.

Stokoe, P (2011): The Healthy and the Unhealthy Organisation: how can we help teams to remain effective? Chapter 13 in A. Rubitel & D. Reiss (Ed), Containment in the Community: Frameworks for Thinking about Antisocial Behaviour and Mental Health, Karnac Books.

Stokoe, P (2013): James Fisher (1937-2012) An Appreciation. In: Couple and Family Psychoanalysis Vol 3 No. 1, pp 120-127.

Stokoe, P (2013): Review of Richard III at Tobacco Factory, Bristol. In: Couple and Family Psychoanalysis Vol 3 No. 2, pp 263-266.

Morgan, M & Stokoe, P (2014): Curiosity. In: Couple and Family Psychoanalysis 4(1) 42–55

Stokoe, P (2015): Ethics and Complaints Procedures for Psychoanalytic Organisations: Some Thoughts About Principles. In: Couple & Family Psychoanalysis 5(2) 188–204

Videos and Podcasts
Surviving Work Conversation about the Healthy Organisation Model with Elizabeth Cotton and Angela Eden (Oct 2015)

The Impact of Power on the Mind of the Politician for Resonance FM (Dec 2015):

The Fundamentalist State of Mind for Resonance FM (Jan 2016):

BPAS video of the Impact of Power on the Mind of the Politician (Feb 2017):

Where have all the Adults gone? (Nov 2017):

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